Anglican Cathedral

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The Anglican Cathedral of Christ Church

The Anglican Cathedral of Christ Church is a significant religious and historical landmark located in Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania. It holds great cultural and architectural importance and is one of the prominent places of worship on the island.

The cathedral was constructed by the Church Missionary Society between 1873 and 1887 on the site of the former slave market, a painful reminder of Zanzibar’s dark history involving the slave trade. The decision to build the cathedral on this site was intentional, serving as a powerful symbol of the abolitionist movement and an act of commemoration for the thousands of enslaved Africans who suffered in this very place.

Key features of the Anglican Cathedral of Christ Church:

1. Architecture: The cathedral’s architecture is a mix of Gothic and Romanesque styles. It boasts an impressive structure with pointed arches, flying buttresses, and a prominent spire that rises high above the city’s skyline. The building’s design is a testament to the skills of the builders who constructed it during the late 19th century.

2. Slave Remembrance: Inside the cathedral, visitors can find a marble plaque at the altar commemorating the memory of the victims of the slave trade. The plaque serves as a solemn reminder of the atrocities that occurred on this very site and is a focal point for reflection and remembrance.

3. David Livingstone Memorial: The cathedral houses a memorial to David Livingstone, a renowned Scottish explorer and abolitionist who played a significant role in exposing the horrors of the East African slave trade. His efforts, along with other abolitionists, led to the eventual end of the slave trade in East Africa.

4. Beautiful Stained Glass Windows: The cathedral’s interior is adorned with exquisite stained glass windows, adding to its aesthetic charm and spiritual ambiance. These windows depict biblical scenes and play an essential role in creating a serene atmosphere for prayer and meditation.

5. Active Congregation: Beyond its historical significance, the Anglican Cathedral remains an active place of worship with a vibrant congregation. Regular church services are held, and it serves as an essential religious centre for the Christian community in Zanzibar.

Visiting the Anglican Cathedral of Christ Church is not only an opportunity to explore a magnificent architectural wonder but also a chance to understand the island’s history and the impact of the abolitionist movement on Zanzibar’s culture and identity. As with all places of worship, visitors are encouraged to be respectful and mindful of the religious significance of the site while exploring its historical and cultural significance.

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